There are 4 companies, BMI, ASCAP, GMR, and SESAC. They are called "Performing Rights Organizations” or “PROs”. They pay songwriters for performances in public spaces.

As part of your service with us, we pay the music label licensing (Sony, Warner, Universal, etc). Unlike consumer music services, all content on Loop is fully licensed for business venues. If you play music videos with the AVOD plan, Loop will pay performance-rights organization (PRO) royalties on your behalf (for the Loop service/content only).

For our premium subscribers, we offer optional PRO coverage for $29.95/month.

Most bars/restaurants have other sources of sound (broadcast TV, DJs, Bands, Karaoke, etc) and need to pay PRO companies directly for blanket coverage.

Ask your PRO representative to see if our coverage would lower your direct fee. Or contact us if you have further questions. You can sign up or cancel at any time.