What is Loop TV?


Loop TV is an industry-leading short form video streaming service for businesses. Loop TV enables you to entertain and wow your friends and customers alike with high-quality music videos on the screens at your business.

How does Loop TV work?

Loop TV is an application hosted on Amazon's Fire TV solution.. The Fire Stick TV plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port and once you register your business through our online portal, you'll be able to start streaming curated music video content. 

Why does Loop TV help my business?

Loop TV helps your business by keeping your customers entertained. Loop TV improves the in-venue experience by exciting and energizing your customers with music videos.

How much does Loop TV cost?


We offer 10 free playlists suitable for a wide variety of businesses. For a monthly subscription cost, you can add premium playlists and other forms of content (sports highlights and viral videos coming soon). Contact sales@loop.tv or call 877-890-6182 to learn more.

Getting started with Loop TV

Getting started with Loop TV is easy.

Simply plug the Amazon Fire Stick into your TV’s HDMI port and follow the on-boarding instructions for the Amazon Fire Stick. Next, search for “Loop Media” in the app store and download our app.  When the app launches, a 6 digit code will be displayed. Go to biz.loop.tv, register your business, and . Once you've entered the code, you’re all set and ready to start streaming!

How do I create a playlist?

Creating playlists is a breeze. We have over 40 playlists curated by experts, and you can make your own as well by upgrading to our premium feature. 

How do the licensing agreements work?

Loop takes care of the licensing agreements with the labels and guilds for you. If the video is on Loop, and you have a subscription, you are cleared to play the content in your venue. Business venues are required to remit payment to the appropriate Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) related to the type of entertainment provided in their venues. Loop TV can assist you in ensuring the appropriate fees and amounts are paid.

What can I expect from customer support?

Loop TV has technical support available by phone and content specialists standing by to help you tailor the streaming music video experience to your business. Please email support@loop.tv with any questions.