What is Loop Screencast?

Loop Screencast is a full-service, store forward music video subscription service for business that has many of the product features of Loop TV - plus enterprise features like scheduling, list mixing, digital ad creation, and chain management.

What is Scheduler?

Scheduler is a tool in Loop Screencast that allows you to set certain playlists or content to play at certain times of the day. For example, you could set a business lunch playlist to begin at noon, and a pop happy hour playlist to start at 4pm when your drinks change to happy hour pricing.

What is List Mixer?

List Mixer enables you to create auto-blended mixes from multiple playlists. You have a greater level of control and can set playback ratios, BPM or year ranges. You can also select which genres, artists, energy levels, or ratings you would like to exclude.

How do the custom, dynamic ads work on Loop Screencast?

You can create custom and dynamic ads for your business right in the Loop Screencast interface or easily upload and manage your own creative assets. Choose from our library of backgrounds, textures, and graphics or import your own. You can create custom text with your company logo to advertise special offers, promote events, and more. For example, you can create an ad for your trivia night and have it play on screen with the music video content on Loop Screencast.

How much does Loop Screencast cost? How do I get Loop Screencast?

We offer a low, monthly subscription cost for Loop Screencast for business. Contact sales@loop.tv or call 877.890.6182 to learn more.

How do the licensing agreements work?

Loop Screencast takes care of the licensing agreements with the labels and guilds for you. If the video is on Loop Screencast, you are cleared to play the content in your venue. Business venues are required to remit payment to the appropriate Performance Rights Organizations (PROs) related to the type of entertainment provided in their venues. LoopTV can assist you in ensuring the appropriate fees and amounts are paid.

What can I expect from customer support?

Loop Screencast has 24/7 technical support available by phone, and content specialists standing by to help you tailor the streaming music video experience to your business.