Q: What is the Loop Business Portal? 

A: The Loop Business Portal is our online resource for business owners to control and manage their Loop TV application. You can register your Loop TVs, control settings, manage payments, and more. Visit https://biz.loop.tv if you'd like to get an access code and start streaming today!


Q: How do I register my Business?

A: To register your business, you'll need to provide your name, your business' name, your business' address, an email address, a phone number and a password for your account. Check the box indicating you agree to the terms and conditions - that's it!



Q: How do I add one or multiple venues to my profile?

A: After signing in, go to the "My Venue" tab on the left hand side of the business portal. Once there, you will be provided with a 6 digit code. After downloading the Loop app, you will be prompted to enter this 6 digit code and claim a screen.


If you'd like to add another Loop TV to your business portal account, just click the small plus sign next to Loop TV, give your TV a unique name, and repeat the process above. 

PLEASE NOTE: if you add an additional Loop TV and would like to access premium features, you will be charged a monthly rate per screen for that premium feature. 


Q: Where can I manage my different Loop TVs once they have been registered?

A: Go to the Loop TV tab and select the Loop TV you'd like to update by selecting it from the menu on the right. From this page, you can change your TV's address, allow or prohibit explicit and TV-MA videos, and specify the genres you'd like to play. 



Q: How do I change or update my account information?

A You can make changes to your account or business using the "Profile" tab. Make sure to save any changes made.


Q: How do I set up payment on the business portal?

Navigate to the subscriptions tab on the left hand menu. In the top right corner of the screen, you can choose the option to "Add Payment" using Stripe. Enter your card information in order to begin using premium features. 


Q: How often will I be charged for Loop's services?

Our billing cycles begin on the first day of every month. For your initial month, you will be charged a prorated amount on the 1st of the following calendar month for the number of days that you used that premium feature. If at any time you cancel, you will still be responsible for the usage for that month up until that day. 


Q: How do I cancel my account?

Please send an email to support@loop.tv if you would like to cancel your account. At any time, you can toggle the premium features to stop paying for them. 


Q: What is the PRO registration?

There are 4 companies, BMI, ASCAP, GMR, and SESAC. They are called "Performing Rights Organizations” or “PROs”. They pay songwriters for performances in public spaces.

As part of your service with us, we pay the music label licensing (Sony, Warner, Universal, etc). We have optional PRO coverage for $29.95/month. Most bars/restaurants have other sources of sound (broadcast TV, DJs, Bands, Karaoke, etc) and pay those companies directly for blanket coverage.

Ask your representative if our coverage would lower your direct fee to determine if our coverage could be of value. Should it be of interest to you, you can sign up anytime.