Installing Loop TV's business solution on your Fire TV Stick takes less than 5 minutes. Check out this quick instructional article and start streaming today.

All you need to get started is an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a television with an HDMI connection, and a strong Wi-Fi network.

1. Remove your Amazon Fire TV Stick and the components pieces from the packaging. It should include (left to right): an HDMI adaptor, a Fire TV Stick remote, an Amazon Fire TV Stick, two AAA batteries, and a USB charging cord.


2. Plug in the micro USB charger to the micro usb port on your Fire TV Stick. 


3. Remove the back casing from your Fire TV Stick remote, and add the two AAA batteries that came with your packaging. 


4. Next, plug the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on the back, side or underside of your TV. 


5. If the Fire TV Stick is not fitting easily in the port, try using the HDMI adapter piece that came with your shipment.


6. For the final step of the Fire TV Stick set up, plug in the micro USB charger to the USB port on the back of your TV so that your device can charge. 


7. With the Fire TV Stick plugged in, it’s time to turn on your TV. Use the input or source button on your tv remote to choose the correct HDMI port. 


8.  Press the select button on your Fire TV Stick to turn on the device. If you see a screen that says “searching for your remote”, try checking to make sure the batteries work.


9. Press play on your Fire TV Stick remote to start the set up process. You’ll be prompted to select your language, and then connect your Fire TV Stick to your Wi-Fi network.


10. Log in to your Amazon account or register for a new account to continue. When prompted to register your account, say “yes”. You’ll also have to decide if you would like to store your usernames and passwords on this device and choose to enable parental controls or continue without them.


11. You should now be at the Home screen for the Fire Stick. Click to the left using the remote and select the search option. Type “loop media” using the search function. The Loop app should show up immediately as the first suggestion - click to install the app, and press the yellow “download” button


12. Once the app is installed, click Open. The TV will now display Loop! You will see a screen asking for a 6 digit code. Go to to register your business and you will be provided with a 6 digit code. You can learn more about using our business portal here.

As soon as you've entered your business code, you are ready to start streaming free music videos!