First, remove the Loop Player, HDMI cable, remote control, power supply cable, and RCI to 1/8th inch cable from the box (these items are shown below from left to right). 

Next, plug the USB power cable in to the back of your Loop Player, and connect the power block. Plug the HDMI cable into your television screen, and turn on the TV.

Make sure your TV is toggled to the HDMI input that your Loop Player is connected to.

Use the remote control provided with your Loop Player to turn on the device by pressing the red power button. The front of the player will have a red light if the device is plugged in but not turned on and a blue light if it is turned on. If your device does not turn on, check the batteries sent with your remote. You should then see this screen:

To use Loop, you will have to connect to Wi-fi, or use an ethernet connection to stream. Enter the Wi-fi password using your remote control. 


Once you've connected to a network, open the Loop app via your remote control at the home page. You will be prompted to claim a screen. Navigate on any device to and input the email address associated with the account (the email used for signing up). This will generate the 6 digit code required to activate your player. Do note that if the unit was pre-registered by Loop Media, this step of generating a code is not necessary.

Loop TV UI

Once you've entered the 6 digit code to claim the screen, you can start streaming all of our short form content offerings! Contact us at 1-888-991-LOOP with any issues, or