Creating playlists on Loop has never been easier!

First, login to to access your account. 

Next, select the (+) sign next to the Custom Playlists tab on the left hand side of the business portal to create a playlist. 

Give your playlist a name.

Now you're ready to start adding music! Press the button in the center of the page to add songs. Search by artist name, or song name. You can also search for specific genres, or set content rating levels to make sure that the videos are age appropriate. 

You may see various tags for the videos, including album, live, short and others. Here's a brief guide:

- Album: the video was received by our team and uploaded in that condition.

- Explicit (Small 'e" next to title): The song contains explicit language not suitable for children

- Live: the video depicts a live performance

- Lyric Video: the video is an official lyric video for the song

- Short: the video has had the end, beginning or middle tailored for business use (no lulls, no moments where the music drops out)

- Sanitized: after receiving the video, the Loop team shortened the video and removed any offensive imagery to make sure that it was ready for business.

- Remix: the audio is a remix of the main release

- Uncensored per label: the label, upon release, asked the video not be edited; Loop cannot make changes to create a version safe for business use

- Alternate: denotes a version of the video that is an alternate to the main version

You can also edit the playlist name, description or cover image by clicking "edit playlist".

The 3 buttons beneath the cover photo allow you to delete the playlist, clear the playlist, and randomly shuffle the songs.

For more info about loading custom playlists, check out the other articles in our playlist section of the Groove knowledge base.