Loop has over hundreds of playlists to choose from! Some of our playlists are built around genres, but many are made with specific moods or events in mind. Here's a guide to choosing the right playlist for your customers along with some example playlists.

Genre Based Playlists

Playlists for venues that cater to an audience with specific genre tastes

Chart Toppers Extended - mega pop hits from big artists like Taylor Swift, Post Malone and Billie Eilish

Contemporary Hits - Loop's selection of new pop songs!

Country Hits - self explanatory: these are classic country songs (with some new hits sprinkled in as well)!

Dance Club - mostly upbeat electronic and dance tracks perfectly built for the club floor

Get Wild - hip hop tracks that will have your customers ready to party

Fiesta - new Latin hits from reggaeton to bachata

Rockin' Out - Classic rock songs

Slow Jams - slick R&B 

Worship - Gospel music for Christian venues

Christian Contemporary - selections from popular contemporary Christian artists

Christian Urban - love Christian music AND hip hop? We've got the perfect playlist for you!

Punk - rock may be dead, but the spirit of punk lives on! Selects from classic punk artists with a smattering of new videos as well.

Event-Based Playlists

Built around the natural rhythm of most businesses or specific, one-off events

Happy Hour (& Happy Hour Extended) - a genre-bending list of upbeat, energetic videos - perfect to get the drinks flowing and the crowd going

Mid Day Mix (& Mid Day Mix Extended) - a collection of alt rock, light pop, and singer-songwriter videos to keep the mood up between lunch and the dinner rush

Business Lunch (& Business Lunch Extended) the perfect selection of alt rock, folk and light pop that helps set the mood for your lunch guests (...and their high paying clients) 

Night Life (& Night Life Extended) - everything from high energy dance pop to hip hop singalongs; this playlist will get your customers excited about their big night out

Evening - hand-picked indie and pop selections to create a cool, laid back atmosphere for your evening crowd

Daytime - upbeat, light indie and pop music with an optimistic leaning

Party - fun, energetic pop music for partying

Pride - music by queer artists and for queer people - perfect for soundtracking pride week!

Girls Night - songs by female artists that embody the meaning of girl power

Love Songs - this playlist is like a box of chocolates: perfect for Valentine's day 

Poker Night - get out the bowties and set up the roulette tables! This playlist blends contemporary and classic pop hits about gambling, getting lucky and striking out. 

Cookout - country classics perfect for the midday crowd at a BBQ joint

Game Day - game day anthems from your favorite classic rock acts, country stars and everything in between

Sunday Funday - pop-leaning, feel good hits for the brunch crowd

Happy Holidays - songs about Christmas, Channukah, New Years

Era-Based Playlists

Playlists made around specific decades or periods in musical history

Oldies - songs from the birth of rock and roll, Motown and other classic eras of American music

Throwbacks - these R&B hits aren't that old, but they're already classics

Best of the 1970s - a selection of chart-topping videos from the 70s

Best of the 1980s - a selection of chart-topping videos from the 80s

Best of the 1990s - a selection of chart-topping videos from the 90s

Best of the 2000s - a selection of chart-topping videos from the 2000s

Best of the 2010s - a selection of chart-topping videos from the 2010s

Situational Playlists

Made for specific environments or listening experiences. 

Workout - high intensity dance and hip hop to help your fitness clients push out their last set; great for gyms, cycling facilities or dance classes.

Lounge - relaxing folk, soft rock and singer-songwriter videos to help create a laid back, chill environment for your clients.

Rainy Day - soft pop hits to craft the perfect interior mood on a gray, rainy day. If you run a book or stationary store this playlist is perfect for you. 

Autumn - earthy indie pop songs for the transition into fall weather, pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween. This playlist is great for cafes or book stores!

Summer - running a Tiki or beach bar? This mashup of summer hits, tropical house, latin dance and high energy pop will put a summertime smile on your customers' faces.


Playlists for Families and Teens

Built with young audiences in mind.

Teen Party - perfect for a teenage birthday party! Some content suitable only for teenagers and older children.

Kids Party - these are safe, reliable hits that kids will know by heart! Enjoy Disney classics and new music from composers in the children's music sector. 


Want to make your own?

Check out our article on designing your own playlist here!