The Loop for Business user interface allows you to search for and select business TV channels in different categories, music video playlists, and your own custom playlists. You can also access the Loop app settings. You can scroll to the right on a channel to see what coming up next throughout the day on the selected channel. 

Pressing LEFT on the remote will highlight the category menus on the left-hand side, where you can "jump" to the channels in each category. 

Pressing UP on the remote will take you to the two options you see below. "all channels" and "my music." Select "my music" to easily locate and choose the custom playlists you have created in the Business Portal. As well, just below your playlists, you'll see all of the many individual hand-curated Loop playlists that are programmed into the channels you see under the "all channels" channel guide.  

Along the left-hand side of the "my music" tab, you are able to refine your search by filtering to certain genres, moods, decades, activity, etc. For example, if you're just looking for Country playlists from the 80's, select genre=country, and decade=1980s.

Make your way to the "Settings" option to control app settings.